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This iOS dictionary contains over 175,000 Japanese translations in seven languages including technical, academic and scientific words.

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Introducing one of the easiest Japanese dictionaries with over 175,000 words with translations in seven languages.

Includes technical, academic, scientific words as well as special words that may not be used in every-day conversational Japanese.

Easy to use with simple gestures:-

  • Swipe to READ the Furigana (pronunciation) for Kanji
  • Tap to HEAR the pronunciation in Japanese
  • Press and hold to COPY the Japanese translation

The Full Dictionary includes access to the all Japanese translations of:

  • English: 175,000 words
  • Spanish: 33,000 words
  • French: 15,000 words
  • Italian: 40,000 words
  • German: 110,000 words
  • Russian: 7,000 words
  • Dutch: 25,000 words

Plus it's easy to search in Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji at anytime - no need to install the Japanese Keyboard to find words!

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