Kanji Essentials App

This iOS app provides a quick reference guide for learning the 1,945 General-Use Kanji.


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A quick reference guide for learning the 1,945 General-Use Kanji officially documented by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Ideal for students who already know Hiragana and Katakana, this learning tool will help you to:

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4 Reviews

  1. TheFourthWarner says:

    This app is SO close to perfect! It's exactly what I've been looking for! Except for a few little problems... A) You can't mark what characters you already know and save the data (Better yet, be able to mark what onyomi and kunyomi readings and compound words you know, as well!) B) It doesn't work in sideways mode, but it orients to that direction. Try it for yourself if you don't get what I mean. If that was fixed, this would be the app I've been looking for for the past few years now. I can speak Japanese (Learned it as a child), and read my Hiragana and Katakana, but I was never great with Kanji. This would help me become literate and connect the definitions with English words all while being portable (I lead a busy life). As long as they fix these things, this app is a MUST HAVE for ANY Japanese learner!

  2. Changphuak says:

    Good app for study Kanji.

  3. Pmrigo says:

    This app is great for learning how to write words,however there's no sound so keep that in mind! I love it.

  4. Kikukuo says:

    Aplicación muy completa y útil. Se encuentran todos los kanjis básicos de uso frecuente en Japón, con todas sus lecturas y diversas traducciones. Además te enseña el orden de los trazos y palabras compuestas en las que aparece el kanji, cosa que resulta muy útil. Tiene todo lo que se podría desear de una App con esta función. El único contratiempo quizá sea que el único idioma al que está traducido es al inglés, sería más completa si se pudiera elegir otro idioma como el español. Sin embargo, tal como está es una herramienta eficiente y magnífica. Cinco estrellas.

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