Although YARU (やる) and SURU (する) are often interchangeable, there's some key differences in when we use them.

Both YARU (やる) and SURU (する) mean “to do something”.

YARU (やる) and SURU (する) are often interchangeable.

But there’s some key differences when we use them.

SURU (する)

  1. Can be used with nouns.
    ダンスする – to dance
    勉強します – to study
    洗濯します – to do laundry
  2. Can be used with adjectives.
    きれいにします – to make clean
  3. To decide when ordering food.
    寿司にします – I’ll have the sushi

When in doubt, use する.

YARU (やる)

  1. Cannot be used with nouns i.e. ダンスやる is incorrect.
  2. To send something away.
    戦場へやる – Send away to war.
  3. To give someone ‘below’ you – e.g. to feed animals, plants, etc.
    餌をやる – to feed grain
  4. To have sexual intercourse.
    あたし、やりたいの? – Do you want to ‘do’ me?

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