• 火 (flame) vs 火事 (blaze)
    What is the difference between Fire: 火 (ひ) vs 火事 (かじ)
  • tree, wood
  • water
  • icicle, ice, hail, freeze, congeal
  • pond, cistern, pool, reservoir
  • fire
  • inflammation, flame, blaze
  • ashes, puckery juice, cremate
  • charcoal, coal
  • soil, earth, ground, Turkey
  • ground, earth
  • farm, field, garden, one's specialty, (kokuji)
  • mountain
  • stream, river, river or three-stroke river radical (no. 47)
  • river
  • heavens, sky, imperial
  • empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum
  • rain
  • sea, ocean
  • flower
  • wind, air, style, manner
  • night, evening
  • darkness, disappear, shade, informal, grow dark, be blinded
  • get dark, gloom, disorder
  • stone
  • spring, fountain
  • boulder, rock, cliff
  • rock, crag, boulder
  • beach
  • grass, weeds, herbs, pasture, write, draft
  • lake
  • ray, light
  • rice, USA, metre
  • vegetable, side dish, greens
  • fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed
  • barley, wheat
  • hemp, flax, numb
  • island
  • star, spot, dot, mark
  • snow
  • bamboo
  • copper
  • leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece
  • grove, forest
  • forest, woods
  • sunshine, yang principle, positive, male, heaven, daytime
  • shade, yin, negative, sex organs, secret, shadow

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