The best Hiragana and Katakana App alternatives

Below, we’ll look at the best Hiragana and Katakana App alternatives.

Although there are some similarities in features between these, depending on your situation, you might find one is more suitable to your needs.

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1. Kanji Essentials App

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2. Japanese Dictionary App

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4 Reviews

  1. PINNOCHA says:

    This app is tightly designed and useful for learning your kana. The animated stroke diagrams are a nice touch that most other apps don't include. Aesthetically pleasing and matches well with iOS7. The only thing missing is a randomized quiz function but it's not essential. Best app I've found for kana, especially nice since other (worse) apps tend to try charging for katakana flashcards. I'd buy an everyday kanji expansion.

  2. Pmrigo says:

    This app is amazing for leaning how to write and there's even sound. Good option for somebody who just got started in learning Japanese!

  3. josoine says:

    Sans apprendre le japonais, je me suis mis à la calligraphie japonaise. Il faut se souvenir de l'ordre dans lequel on doit tracer les traits, points, etc. qui composent les caractères. Quand on débute, ce n'est pas évident de se souvenir de tout ! Cerise sur le gâteau, l'app donne la prononciation des caractères. C'est une bonne aide. Merci au développeur.

  4. anpiet says:

    Ce site m'aide beaucoup pour arriver à écrire en japonais (niveau Débutant).

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